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The one and only

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The one and only

Post  Tempest on Sun Sep 02, 2012 4:30 pm

n Game Name:Tempest


Past Clans:moc dd and a whole bunch of other shit

Past Names: supernova chaos and a whole other bunch of shit

PSN/Xbox Gamertag:xXiTempestiXx

Class Rating engy=8 sniper=8 rocket=7 grunt=5

Why do you want to join STR?:because moc is dead and i love jj and acer and i want to make sweet love to them oh and i wanna ride the join str bandwagon that heartless started Very Happy

What do you bring to STR?: uh a semi retarded puerto rican that has questionable hygiene?well not really but il pull up a be honest idk
Will you promise to stay loyal and to be active?: il take a knife and heat it up on a stove and brand the letters STR to my ass.....hows that for loyalty but to answer the question legitly yes but will be gone for 3 weeks to a month at 1st .


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Re: The one and only

Post  JJ' on Sun Sep 02, 2012 4:47 pm

lol i'll be expecting pics of those 3 letters branded on your ass as soon as possible. but anyways, welcome to STR bro Cool


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